Panther - Founder and Lead Investigator


Elizabeth "Panther Of The Shooting Stars" Born 1953.. Mother, Cherokee, Creek, Father, Aztec, Mayan...At A Young Age I became Aware of The Spirit  World. Through The Years, The Awareness Of Spirits Interacting With The Living Inspired Me To Pursue The Native Side Of Helping Those I Could. Through Paranormal Investigations, Spiritual Counseling, Native Blessings And Cleansing... I Also Have a Native Shop, All Hand Made Items,  A Teacher Of The Traditions, Tribal Mother, And Native Dancer... Most Of My Family And Friends Know Me As Panther Lady.... 

f - Founder and Demonologist


Scott “Quietwolf”, born 1964 in West Palm Beach, Florida. First mixed blood member of a Cherokee family. Mother, Ann, was full blood Cherokee. Father, Thomas, was half Apache and half Italian from White Mountain, Arizona. At a young age he became aware of his gift of discernment and he is an empathic medium. These gifts have grown stronger through the years and the awareness of spirits interacting with the living and the emotional and mental problems that it can cause inspired him to pursue seminary at the  Catholic Diocese of Orlando, Florida, where he earned the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, (M.A.B.C.), and was ordained June of 1999. His studies and counseling experience along with his own spirituality guided him to pursue paranormal investigation, spiritual counseling, and intercessory guidance. In his spare time he enjoys native crafting, bush craft, and                                                  spending time on his growing hobby farm.